From the Desk of Rob Moher

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Rob Moher has served in his position for nearly five years and was the Conservancy’s vice president of marketing and development for 15 years prior. For Moher, the environment is the economy in Southwest Florida. He says if we take care of the land, water and wildlife in our region, we will ensure a high quality of life for future generations.

1. Alligator skull. A gift from former board member Tom Campbell; a reminder of how cool my job is.

2. AFP Everglades Chapter Award for Fundraising Executive of the Year.

3. Heart of the Community award.

4. Hanging crystal treble. A reminder of my daughter’s musical career aspirations.

5. Book. Nature’s Steward: A History of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, by Nick Penniman IV, former Conservancy board chair. The ultimate guide to everything the president of the Conservancy needs to know!

6. Family photo of me with my wife, Sandra, and daughter, Amaya.

7. Photo of the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. A gift from policy director Nicole Johnson.

8. Elephant within an elephant statue. A wedding gift from friends in Canada. 


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