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“I spend most of my time at NBC2 at three different desks,” anchor and award-winning journalist Kellie Burns says. “The news desk is where I sit and do the news from 5 to 6:30 p.m.”

Before she hits the air, Burns goes to
her makeup desk, where she spends from 30-40 minutes getting camera-ready.
And to prepare for the broadcast, Burns can be found at another station.” My desk in the newsroom is not exactly the corner office, but I need to be close to the producers of my three newscasts and in the mix, in case of breaking news,” she says.

1. Glasses, so I can read the prompter.

2. IFB (interruptible foldback) box. I plug my earpiece into it and clip it
on my waistband so I can hear my producer during the newscast.

3. Computer monitor. It is hidden 
in the desk. I use it to read ahead on my scripts, make instant changes in the prompter and monitor breaking news.

4. Large makeup case, with expanding drawers so I can see everything inside when I am getting ready.

5. Makeup brushes. HD cameras pick up every smudge (and wrinkle), so it has to be perfect.

6. Clothes for “on camera.” I usually change right before the newscast to make sure my dresses and blouses don’t have any wrinkles or spots.

7. Recent picture of my two children, Jack and Elle, from the fabulous photographer Jessica Must.

8. Day planner. I’m old-school and like to write everything down on paper.

9. Most recent Edward R. Murrow Award for my special report on traveling to Cuba. 

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