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Several winter residents of Naples who live part of the year in western Michigan convinced the owner of a wellness center based there to open a second location in the Naples area.

Healix founder and CEO Rebecca “Becky” White-Steensma now has a home where she launched her wellness business in Grand Rapids, as well as a second one in Naples, where her second Healix location is targeted to open next week. Healix provides fascial stretch therapy, personal training, massage therapy and other wellness services to clients of all ages. Healix Naples is set to open Monday in a multiunit retail space next to the new Three60 Wine shop at 8100 Trail Blvd. in North Naples.

“I have a lot of snowbirds in Naples,” White-Steensma said. Among the clients who are happy to see her bring Healix to Naples are John and Karley Morgan, who have a Grand Rapids residence as well as a condominium at a Naples country club. “We’re big Healix supporters,” said John Morgan, no relation to the ubiquitous founder of the Morgan & Morgan law firm with the same name.

The Morgans have been Florida residents for more than two decades and loyal clients of Healix for years. “They knew we were here [in Naples] and we would complain a little bit that we didn’t get a Healix-type stretch, which is a fascial stretch, when we are here,” Mr. Morgan said. Other clients of Healix Center in Michigan have seasonal homes in Naples communities such as Pelican Bay and Bay Colony.

Healix sets itself apart by specializing in fascial stretch therapy, which has nothing to do with faces and everything to do with fascia. “Most people do not know what fascia is in the body. It’s the connective tissue and cobweb-like network that runs throughout the body,” said White-Steensma, who has more than 25 years of experience helping people with physique goals. “If your fascia is tight, that causes pain in the body. Stretching helps set the body free. It just opens everything up. You get immediate results with fascial stretch therapy.”

Benefits of the table-based assisted fascial stretch therapy can include pain reduction, improved circulation, rehabilitation, anti-aging, preventative injury, sports performance and weight loss, Healix reports. The wellness business also offers personal training for people who have sports-specific issues, are trying to lose weight or want to stabilize joint replacement. The third prong in Healix’s stretch-train-nourish services provides clients education about personal nutrition plans. “Everything is custom to each individual,” White-Steensma said. “At Healix, we meet clients where they’re at.”

Last April, Healix 2.0 LLC leased a 3,927-square-foot retail space in North Naples. Tony Mangione of Trinity Commercial Group represented the tenant, while Rob Carroll of Investment Properties Corp. represented the landlord, who also owns and operates the adjacent Tide Cleaners franchise. Duke and Jonathan Kassolis of Consolidated Cleaners Inc. redeveloped the space along the eastern edge of U.S. 41 North just south of Vanderbilt Beach Road. The site formerly was home to the Guadalupe Resale & Consignment Shop and Designer’s Mart.

Healix Naples will have at least 10 trained practitioners to work in eight treatment rooms and a large physical therapy training room.

At age 76 and 73, respectively, John and Karley Morgan have stretch therapy at Healix at least every other week. “They push your stretch until you become more flexible,” Mr. Morgan said. “I think it’s really good for everybody, but people over 65 should do this as much as you can. It’s made a difference in my energy levels, my flexibility and all kinds of things. My turn in golf is better.”

Morgan didn’t say Healix improved his golf game exactly. “Nothing really will help my golf game,” he joked. “It helps me get to as much of a full turn as I can do, back and through.”

The Morgans are not necessarily typical senior citizens, because they have been working out for at least 40 years, but they have noticed the difference since they started seeing White-Steensma about five years ago. Their teenage grandson was even able to improve his lacrosse game when he started the stretching regimen, Morgan said. “So, it works for young athletes as well,” he said.

Stretching helps one feel younger and the therapy is individualized depending on goals and restrictions, said Robbin Aliot, a licensed massage therapist as well as a fascial stretch therapist and a physical therapist assistant at Healix Naples. “All your emotions lie in your fascia. So, when you do a fascia stretch it helps you feel better,” she said. “We are going to be your new best friend.”

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