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David Bowie, Dan Fogelberg and the Arctic Monkeys all sang songs about dancing shoes with meanings as diverse as their individual styles. Fuego Shoes makes footwear to dance to the artists’ music, or any tune, with ease.

Founded in 2019 in Philadelphia by dancer Kevin Weschler, Fuego Shoes are minimalists’ nirvana. They’re lightweight sneakers built for spin ability and touted as “the perfect balance between slip and grip.” Two inverted pivot points on the soles of both shoes promote “seamless turning.”

While emphasizing dancing, Fuego Shoes is a lifestyle brand. They’re versatile tennis shoes, good for dancing in a class or outdoors—or anytime, really.

“Not only do we dance in class, but we also dance through life,” says Weschler. “With Fuego, you can dance whenever and wherever.”  

Available in white and black, in various patterns, and in men’s and women’s sizes 3-14. 

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