How to Get Promoted

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If you’re racking up hours at your job in hopes of getting a raise, there are more effective ways to earn more.

What matters most in getting a promotion is not how well (or long) you perform, but how aware others are of your work, according to a CashNetUSA report. The report also states some top ways to get noticed. Below are five methods.  

Understand the company’s cares

Find out where most of your employer’s profits come from, what the quarterly and annual goals are, as well as the core values, and make an effort to impact those areas.

Make your to-do list matter

When you’re organizing your activities for the day, be sure to put first emphasis on the tasks that will be the biggest help to your team and boss once completed.

Track your accomplishments

Record all of your achievements. Publicize the more important projects on LinkedIn and keep the others handy. Revert back to the list when it’s time to identify and explain how you have added value to the company.

Ask for feedback

Asking your supervisor for feedback on areas where you can improve shows initiative. Focus on making your weaker areas better to prove that you value the advice and are capable of evolving your skills.

Think like a boss

Next time you need to make a big decision, take a look at the big picture, just as the boss would. Ask yourself how you would handle the situation if it was your business at stake. Doing so shows that you genuinely care about the company’s success and profit, not just your own, and that’s a sure way to get recognized.

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