How to Improve Your Instagram Business Page

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Social media platforms are always changing in popularity, but Instagram has helped many businesses increase their digital impact. Here are five ways to improve your Instagram business account, according to SocialMediaToday.


Instagram users are now able to follow hashtags in addition to accounts. Make sure you’re utilizing targeted hashtags in order to reach a greater audience. For instance, hotels on the beach might want to use “#beachresort," so users following that hashtag can immediately view your post, no matter where they’re located.


The stories feature on Instagram allows you to share more informal photos and videos to your audience, and promote interactivity with polls, clickable hashtags and more. Originally, stories would disappear one day after you posted them, but now you can choose to keep them up with the “Highlights” function that’s displayed right to your profile page.

Consistency and Composition

You want users to be able to recognize your brand’s photos right away when they scroll through their feeds, so it’s best to be consistent with timing and photo quality. Set up a posting time schedule and stick to it so users know when to look forward to updates. Use the same filters and text styles for your pictures to reinforce your image.

Direct messages

Be sure to have your direct messaging features enabled so you can receive questions, comments, and feedback from followers. Almost half of people on Instagram use this function each month.

Instagram live

Video streaming is easy with Instagram’s live feature. You can use it to stream events, behind-the-scenes action, Q&A sessions and more, and people watching can respond to you in real time.​

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