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A recent announcement that 20 acres in the Enterprise Charlotte Airport Park zone sold for $2.75 million may have been news to Charlotte County Economic Development Director Dave Gammon. But it wasn’t a surprise considering the current commercial land rush in Punta Gorda’s industrial area surrounding Punta Gorda Airport.

The property is located at the southeast corner of the airport.

Christi Pritchett of LSI Companies Inc. brokered the deal for the land at the southeast corner of the airport. Randy Krise, founder of Fort Myers-based Krise Commercial Group, is the buyer.

Krise also has other holdings in the area, including land on Tuckers Grade, Taylor Toad and Jones Loop Road along Piper Road.

Gammon said large parcels are being bought up in the area.

“In terms of 60 acres and larger parcels, we are quickly running out,” he said. “Perhaps an assemblage could still be made in the Airport Commerce Center, that’s where Krise’s parcel is.”

Gammon said anyone seeking to buy a larger piece of land would have to look along Piper Road from Jones Loop on the south to Duncan Road on the north.

Krise’s company, Airport Twenty PGD LLC, plans to create some 15 lots of an acre apiece for smaller businesses needing parking space, such as HVAC, landscapers and roofers, that don’t want to rent space in a 100,000-square-foot building.

He also would consider selling 2 acres or more to a company needing a larger facility.

Krise has a partner in his Airport Twenty PGD company, and they will make all improvements to roads, water, sewer and electric for the property.

He said the smaller lots will appeal to businesses with trucks, as parking is a problem for many, he said.

Next, Krise is planning to purchase the 40 acres south of the 20 acres that closed a week ago.

“It will be the largest piece of property left in ECAP,” he said.

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