Know Your Attacks

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CONTINUED FROM: In Search of Cyber-Safety


MALWARE: Also known as malicious software. It typically gets into your system when someone clicks a link or downloads an attachment they shouldn’t. Once inside, it can steal data, lock you out or block off parts of your network.

PHISHING: This is how malware can get into your system. Some phishing scams are obvious; others come from emails you recognize that may have been hijacked.

RANSOMWARE: A type of malware attack, ransomware hijacks your data, allowing a hacker to make a ransom demand. In addition to having an up-to-date cybersecurity system, a good way to prepare is to back up your data periodically on an external hard drive.

MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE ATTACK: A hacker “eavesdrops” to gather information from a device communicating with a network. This is common in unsecure public WiFi systems (a good reason to avoid them for sensitive info).

TROJAN HORSE: A type of malware that looks like a legitimate piece of software, but will actually hijack your system. This can also open up a back door to your system to give hackers access.


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