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After becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe a couple of years ago, Bonita Springs resident Keith Wallace had an epiphany about pursuing his dream role.

Wallace recently launched Wallace Entertainment, a Naples-based film and video production company geared toward promoting tourism in Southwest Florida and making the region an entertainment destination. “All the years of me doing these odd jobs has led me right here. This is what I should be doing,” he said.

For his day job, Wallace basically is in charge of security for Collier County government as project manager for G4S, a security provider. “I love my job and I don’t see myself doing anything else full-time but that,” he said. But he also was bitten by the acting bug years ago and has been featured in many local television commercials and other productions.

That led him to portray an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. in “Avengers: Endgame,” working alongside actors Robert Redford and Robert Downey Jr. That pivotal movie scene with the Tesseract also was replayed this year in an episode of the “Loki” TV series.

“After the “Avengers” came out in 2019 I said, ‘OK, what are you going to do next because your dream came true: You made it to the big screen?’ Yeah, you do a commercial here and there and everyone goes, ‘Oh great job,’ but I feel like there’s something else I should be doing, and it just clicked: I should start my own entertainment company and pass on the knowledge that I have and all the groups that I’ve networked with and the people and bring some awareness to the talent in Collier County.”

Wallace has assembled a local network for photography, graphic design, acting, modeling, talent placement and training. “I’ve outsourced or networked with enough people that can help me provide that service. That way everyone involved are professional people involved,” he said. “Everyone that needs something my company has a resource to meet the need.”

When Wallace has had acting gigs in Orlando or Miami, he found that production companies and clients are booking talent on the outskirts of Collier County to do work in other places. “And, when they do stuff in Collier County, they’re booking talent and resources from Miami and Orlando, not knowing there’s a huge resource here in Collier County,” he said. “That’s what I want to tap into and bring awareness. We have the beaches. We have nice upscale restaurants. We have Fifth Avenue. You can do everything right here and we have a production company. So that’s my focus, to bring awareness to Collier County and the talent.”

To do this, Wallace has assembled a team of seasoned professionals from every area of the entertainment industry to create a full-service entertainment media company. “There’s a need for it here,” he said. “We just need a platform and that’s what I want to create, a platform.”

Wallace Entertainment is looking for funding now for a film project with actor Kevin Sorbo, perhaps best known for playing Hercules in a series of five television films in the 1990s.

“He came out of nowhere and he actually sent an email to us saying he wants to not only star but he wants to direct the film,” Wallace said. “That put everything we were working on on hold and we decided to put all of our focus on Kevin Sorbo’s new movie called ‘Trial By Fire.’ It’s a faith-based film, ‘Karate Kid’ meets ‘God’s Not Dead’ with a little action in it, as well, but it’s a feel-good movie, which is what we need right now.”

Wallace feels he has the platform for the right message for the right crowd and sponsorship. It’s something for businesses to get behind too, he said.

“We are actively reaching out to investors and entities that we know are interested in investing in films,” he said. “Two people are actually interested in ‘Trial By Fire’ and another faith-based film called ‘Silent Revival.’ The third film has the co-producer of ‘The Godfather II’ attached to it, so we’ve got some great movies to present them and bring them out into the open.”

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