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Angela Campbell became more aware of where she was with her health when the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. That’s when she started doing IV therapy in her hometown of Pittsburgh while becoming more familiar with the world of preventative medicine. 

Campbell worked in the medical field with Frank Washenitz for a decade before opening a Liquivida Wellness Center franchise in North Naples. Fort Lauderdale-based Liquivida aims to be a one-stop-shop for many wellness needs with a range of services from botox to hormone replacement. 

IV drip therapy is one of the unique services Liquivia provides for people of all ages in different areas of life. “I would say in the last five or so years, IVs have really started to pick up,” Campbell said. “And the hydration and nutrients you get are truly amazing.” 

According to Washenitz, taking a vitamin orally will give the consumer about 25% of the total nutrients. IV drips provide a much more concentrated dose that is administered intravenously, getting more out of what is being taken in. 

Although IVs gained a reputation for being a hangover cure, this type of therapy is proficient in various aspects of lifestyle wellness, from vitamin B energy boosts for athletes to strengthening the immune system for those constantly dealing with big crowds. 

“It’s great for the traveler. We’re always big into if you’re traveling and getting ready to jump on an airplane, boost your immunity system,” Washenitz said. “Get some of these nutrients and vitamins so when you jump on that plane with the 230 other folks, you get that natural IV defense to help build that immunity.” 

The IV drip process takes between 30 and 45 minutes and is administered by a licensed paramedic on staff at Liquivida. Each dose ranges from $95 to $250.

Liquivida also has a wellness coordinator for those who want to focus on their overall wellness. It typically starts with a comprehensive bloodwork panel, showing the patient more information about their body than at a regular doctor’s visit, Washenitz said. 

“We look at everything from your chemistry. We get into your allergy panel, nutrient panel, we look at metals, look into the hormone panels, so we look at everything across the board that we can possibly look at to really baseline where your health is at,” he said. 

Although bloodwork isn’t required of every Liquivida client, it is mandatory for those seeking to undergo its hormone replacement process. However, Washenitz said getting bloodwork is a vital first step to starting any new wellness journey. 

“These are the little things that we don’t typically know about our bodies that we’re able to see through bloodwork,” Washenitz said. “They show our deficiencies that we have and we if can address those areas and bridge those gaps in our health early on, then we can live a healthier lifestyle.” 

Liquivida also offers sexual wellness services for both men and women and esthetician services such as micro-needling. 

Campbell and Washenitz are excited to bring this range of services with the newest technology to Southwest Florida to focus on health care rather than sick care. 

“It was the greatest opportunity that we could find to be able to not focus on what we would call ‘sick care,’ but focusing on health care and ways that we can actually help people from getting sick versus waiting until they do,” Washenitz said. “And along with helping ourselves and our own family, I think it was something personal.” 

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