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The memorable Bubbles Mobile Bar vehicles make special events such as weddings extra special.

A good party host knows it’s not just about what drinks are served but how they are served. Perhaps that’s why a range of luxury clients—from real estate agents with million-dollar listings to corporate clients and wedding planners—have called upon Bubbles Mobile Bar to pour at their parties.

Even in a luxury car market like Southwest Florida, the vintage vehicles that make up Bubbles Mobile Bar aren’t seen every day. Genko and her husband, Scott Beddome, purchased the two 1960s Italian three-wheel scooter trucks for their quintessential design, then upgraded them to cabana-style bars on wheels with the help of local vendors. They were built with Florida vernacular in mind and feature cabana-style cantilevered roofs, Genko said. “It made us feel good that the money went back into the community to help support other businesses and craftsmen,” she adds.

The two tiny Italian three-wheel scooter trucks have been hired for nearly 100 events across Southwest Florida since launching in 2019, said owner Patti Genko. “They put the ‘wow’ factor in the event at first glance,” she says. “It’s adorable, and they really remember that little unique prop from when they walk in the door.”

At 9.5 feet long, the “Bianca,” an all-white1965 Innocenti Lambro 200, is a popular prop at weddings and features an exotic Pompeii quartz countertop. The 8.5-foot-long “Paolo,” a teal blue1963 Piaggio Ape, has a classic Florida feel, with a striped cabana top and live-edge cypress wood countertop. Both are just 5 feet tall and wide and are as functional as they are fun.


“We can serve over 200 glasses per hour per tapper,” Genko says. Clients can choose from Bubbles’ prosecco, Spanish rosé or pinot grigio, or request other drinks to be served on tap or bottle. “We work best as a welcome drink for an event or cocktail party for a reception.”

The vintage three-wheel Italian scooter trucks light up at night and provide music with speakers. Genko, a voice actor and public relations specialist, said she likes to add flower arrangements, photos or flyers to the scooter trucks, depending on the event. After all, she and Beddome started the business to add a unique and memorable element to area gatherings. “One of the reasons we do this is because we really enjoy working with people and bringing something extraordinary to their events,” she says. “I just feel like it’s got a really special place here in Southwest Florida and can add something really unexpected.”

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