Millennial Women Choose Entrepreneurship Over Corporate Jobs

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More young women are choosing entrepreneurship over the corporate world, according a REAL study shared by Business News Daily.

Nearly 90 percent of millennial female entrepreneurs had previously left a corporate job to pursue their own businesses, the consulting firm showed. Most all of them felt running a business as a young female has given them a competitive advantage.

Many survey respondents felt the corporate world just wasn’t a good fit, the study revealed. Forty-three percent of them said they left their previous posts because they were unable to pursue their passions, while 33 percent said they felt limited within the corporate world.

Others said they were not given the chance to grow and influence the company they worked for in ways they had hoped.

The study also found that before the surveyed women launched their own businesses, nearly half of them believed to be underpaid, overlooked for a promotion, unable to share perspective, or without many female mentors.

REAL surveyed nearly 300 millennial female business owners. For more information, click here and here.


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