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Fort Myers-based NeoGenomics, a provider of cancer-focused testing services and global oncology contract research services, is partnering with the Biomarker Collaborative to help cancer patients who test positive for specific biomarkers connect with support groups with patients with similar findings, company officials announced.

The move will allow NeoGenomics to optimize its patient program, CEO Mark Mallon said.

The Biomarker Collaborative is a community of biomarker groups seeking to bring patients together to create a community, navigate the health care system, advocate, increase screening, ensure patients receive comprehensive biomarker testing and support access to clinical trials. For example, through the partnership with NeoGenomics, when a lung cancer biomarker is found through the Fort Myers company’s testing, the results will include a resource page designed to educate patients on any identified biomarker and will instantly connect them to support groups and peers.

“This is a dream come true for the Biomarker Collaborative Member Groups, not only for patients who are newly diagnosed but for patients who may not even have had a biomarker testing report ordered until well into treatment where they find out for the first time through NeoGenomics’ Patient Resource page in the report that the biomarker that is truly driving their cancer,” Biomarker Collaborative Co-President Gina Hollenback said.

The partnership continued a busy month for NeoGenomics. Two weeks ago, it saw its RaDaR technology, which is used to detect circulating cancer DNA, take another step forward in the regulatory process. 

The company’s liquid biopsy-focused subsidiary Inivata Limited received the CE mark, which allows for use in clinical applications in several key territories including the United Kingdom and European Union, for the investigative procedure for the detection of molecular residual disease and recurrence. In addition, Inivata was submitted to the MolDX program in the United States for the reimbursement of RaDaR for clinical testing.

Company officials said the progress supports the commercialization of RaDaR in a clinical setting, both in collaboration with biopharma partners and other collaborators as well as Inivata’s own clinical development program.

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