Off the Clock

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On the Nightstand of:

Kristen Coury, Founder and Producing Artistic Director, Gulfshore Playhouse

I’m reading Scaling Up, by
 Verne Harnish. It has to do 
with growing your business from a small business
 to a big business. We are
 in the process of doing just 
that at Gulfshore Playhouse 
as we prepare to build a
 56,000-square-foot theater and education center in Naples.

—Cary Barbor 

Cool Tools

Tired of reaching
 for your phone
 to check the
 clock each 
morning? The
 Atomic Alarm
 Clock sold by
 Schlemmer displays not only time with numbers more than 1-inch high, but also the day and date, temperature, humidity and moon phase. Its best feature? A USB port so you can charge your cellphone. That way you can still keep your device bedside for tending to late-night emails. $49.95,

—Melanie Pagan 

Just for You

If you’re a tea fan, you’ll love the Tealyra Peak Ceramic Tea Mug. It comes with its own infuser and lid (which doubles
as a coaster for your strainer when you finish steeping). It comes in eight festive colors, is sturdy and dishwasher safe, and just might be the perfect accessory for your desk. $19.50,

—Cary Barbor 


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