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A wallet holds money, credit cards and identification. Unless, of course, it does a bunch of other things, too. How about if it includes a serrated and sharpened edge, paracord tensioner, 10- and 15-millimeter hex wrenches, a smartphone stand, nail puller, ruler and a few additional gizmos?

The first non-leather wallet offered by Dango Products, the T01 Tactical Wallet Spec-Ops edition is for the MacGyver in all of us. The exterior is made from a resilient, flexible, water-resistant, textured material designed to withstand rough usage.

The stealth design is about 4.4 inches wide and 2.6 inches tall. It’s less than one-half inch thick when six cards, half of its maximum, are tucked inside. A removable multi-tool slide includes a bottle opener and glass breaker, and when the multi-tool is removed, the wallet is TSA compliant. It also has a flexible silicone wallet band. Its use? It holds cash—imagine that.

Photo Courtesy Dango


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