Podcast: Mastermind, Episode 34

Heather Christie offers seven steps for better public speaking.

In this episode, Heather Christie shares her experience and tips for public speaking and presentations, especially for those who are new to or even fear it. Christie avoided public speaking when possible early in her career, and when necessary would rely on “winging it,” telling herself and others that she always did better that way. Christie’s fear of public speaking extended even to the preparation. Now, she's a professional leadership speaker and coach, influencing audiences with keynote-speaking workshops.

If you’ve struggled with speaking before, or if you’re anxious to add another advantage in your corporate climb, Christie offers actionable advice to help you move forward with her seven steps of public speaking. Listen to her tips on iTunes or Spreaker.

Mastermind is a podcast series hosted by Heather Christie in partnership with Gulfshore Business magazine. Christie, an executive and leadership coach and president of Evolve Global, conducts exclusive interviews with executives, as well as offers her insights and success strategies. Featured guests include Southwest Florida Community Foundation CEO Sarah Owen and United Way President Cliff Smith.