Regenerative medicine franchise sets up in Southwest Florida

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A regenerative medicine franchise set up shop in Southwest Florida this year with more locations slated to open in 2022. 

QC Kinetix offers non-surgical alternatives to pain relief. These include platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP), in which a patient’s blood gets extracted and then fortified with the removal of red blood cells. The blood then gets reinjected into the patient. 

Andrew Sullivan, who had been working in sales for various IT and software companies, like millions of other Americans, shifted careers this year. He connected with a franchise broker, who recommended QC Kinetix. 

The QC stands for “Queen City,” the nickname for Charlotte, North Carolina, where the company was founded. Kinetix was the company’s unique spelling of the word “kinetics,” which derives from the Greek word for motion. 

“QC Kinetix has been around for five years or so,” Sullivan says. “I came on board in February of this year. It was kind of random. I’ve been in the IT software industry selling hardware to the federal government. A franchise broker reached out to me and asked me if I was interested. We had a conversation. I wasn’t interested in other franchises that are more transactional. He came back with five or six options, of which QC Kinetix was one of them.” 

Sullivan played baseball at the University of Maine in the 1980s. That experience taught him a lot, he said, including dealing with pain. “The whole process behind what we do, is we want to keep people in motion,” Sullivan said. “The market is calling for this type of regenerative medicine versus having surgeries. This gives people another option. It’s not physical therapy at all. It’s regenerative medicine. We process it in the labs in the clinic. We do platelet injections. PRP. We do blood draws for each patient. It’s a very natural process.” 

The Naples clinic is open one day a week at 875 109th Ave. N, suite 301. Two more locations are planned. One will be near Alico Road and Interstate 75, at 9961 Interstate Commerce Drive, suite 170. That will not open until the first quarter of 2022. A third clinic is planned, likely for Bonita Springs, later in 2022, Sullivan said. 

QC Kinetix buys its supplies from Emcyte, a Fort Myers-based company that manufactures PRP kits. “They’re about to get a lot bigger, because they’re the supplier for our kits,” Sullivan says. 

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