Rekindle Your Management Mojo

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Mojo Rising

After being beaten down by the economy and grinding away on survival mode, you may feel like you’re running on empty. Consider taking some time to transform yourself and renew your passion for your business and entrepreneurial spirit, which also can reignite your staff.

If you have lost your mojo, here are three ways to regain it.

1. Recapture your basic belief in your product/service.

When you have a real belief that what your business offers is needed by customers, your passion will be contagious among your staff, says business consultant and motivational speaker Lee Knapp, president of Fort Myers-based Knapp Consultants. “Go right back to the attitude and outlook on the potential that is out there,” she says.

To reignite your passion, start by asking a simple question: Why did I get into this business? Betsy Allen, an executive coach, author and owner of Fort Myers-based Gaining Results, says if you got into construction because you love to build things but find yourself constantly in the office and surrounded by paperwork, find a way to get back to being passionate about building again.

2. Raise the bar for yourself.

Consider your strengths (books and websites—Allen offers a free “Strength Strike Survey” at and decide if you are maximizing them. But also look at your weaknesses. Maybe you need to reinforce your industry knowledge with training (such as continuing education classes or earning a professional certificate), or take seminars to boost your social media, sales or interpersonal skills. Consider attending a leadership summit (in person or online) that features best-selling authors and experts in leadership and marketing, Allen says. She also recommends reading books such as Jim Collins’ Great by Choice, The Inside Advantage by Robert H. Bloom and Beyond the Obvious by Phil McKinney.


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