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February is the month for couples. But maybe instead of stressing out over the perfect Valentine’s Day plans, try relaxing with your loved one instead. Here’s a few suggestions for easy ways to unwind.

Couple’s massage

Most spas offer a couple’s massage option, and it can be a great way to connect with your partner without really having to say a word. The Naples Grande Beach Resort actually kicks it up a notch with the 3-hour Serenity for Two Couples’ Retreat, starting off with a couple’s massage and followed with some alone time in a private villa. A complimentary bottle of champagne will round out your experience.

A float for two

Flotation therapy is a nice way to get some alone time, as long as you enjoy floating in a shallow pool of water in an isolation tank for an extended period. However, if that may be too lonely an endeavor, you can bring your partner. World Med Spa in Naples offers large tanks for couple’s floats.

Mini vacation

The nice thing about Southwest Florida is that you’re never too far away from a vacation spot. Drop the kids off with the grandparents and head to the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort. With the Paradise by Sirene package, couples stay on adults-only levels and have access to the private pool and beach seating section.  

Full-moon kayak tour at Lovers Key

According to local lore, Lovers Key got its name because young lovers would paddle to the island to find some seclusion. Nowadays, it’s a state park (and accessible by car), but it’s still a great way to find some peace and quiet on the tranquil 2-mile beach. Time your visit so you can go on a full-moon kayak tour through the estuary. You’ll experience a whole different side of Lovers Key. 

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