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Waterproof jackets solve a lot of problems—unless the wearer of the garment is active in inclement weather and their gear or equipment also needs to keep dry. One solution is Brella Performance Rain Apparel. Its signature offering is a unisex breathable, spacious, waterproof rain jacket offered at a budget-conscious price. Its motto: “Stay Dry and Look Cool Doing It.”

The “one size fits most” approach doesn’t always work in rain gear, but the oversized Brella—a poncho with structure—fits ideally for men and women who wear a medium to 3XL. Youth or petite sizes and jackets specific for wearers with a disability are also available.

A customizable waist fit with three snaps on either side allows wearers of all shapes and sizes to achieve a comfortable fit, and the adjustments also work for a looser fit when the jacket needs to cover the gear for your activity of choice. It also has several pockets and a detachable hood. Solid, patterned and camouflage colors are available, as is company branding. 

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