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There’s retro-cool, and then there’s stunningly retro. The Fuse Vert defines the latter. It’s a vertical vinyl audio system that also includes an FM radio and streams music via Bluetooth and MP3s via USB. 

Play records at 33, 45 or 78 RPM. Present favored FM stations. Upload a playlist onto a flash drive and quickly connect. The balanced and counter-weighted tone arm allows a record to be played in a vertical position without wobbling. The Standard offers a chrome tone arm and a Fuse Audio-designed needle cartridge; the AT boasts an upgraded Audio Technica AT3600L needle cartridge, and its tone arm is black.

The main distribution frame, or MDF box, is wrapped in a smooth-grained hardwood veneer, giving the system a handsome mid-century modern style. It also includes an alarm clock function and has a six-month warranty.  

$209.99 (standard) 

$239.99 (AT)

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