The Truth About My Job: Interior Designers

Is interior design all fun and fabrics? Lisa Kahn tells us more about the work involved.

It’s easy to judge another industry from the outside, with ideas formed by what we see on TV, hear on the news or experience through our friends. But not all stories and stereotypes are true. The best way to debunk myths about an industry? Turning to those who know it best.

Interior Designers

THE MYTH: Interior design is a fun, constantly creative career.

If Lisa Kahn of Lisa Kahn Designs had a dollar for every time someone told her they would become an interior designer if they could redo their career, she might no longer need to work as one.

“I think it is because most people perceive interior design as an extremely creative job,” the Naples-based designer says.

THE TRUTH: There’s much more that goes into this profession than shopping for cute couches. “You have to understand ergonomics, how a space functions, how people fit into and move through a space, and the way fabrics and colors work together,” Kahn says.

There’s also lots of budgeting, time management and technical teamwork involved. Interior designers, especially those working with new construction, may consult with architects, builders and other tradespeople to discuss the client’s personal tastes and get a complete understanding of the home they are working with.

That’s in addition to obtaining specific qualifications and establishing a personal style, or “finding your niche,” as Kahn says, in order to stand out from others who have pursued this path.