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Feel like you could use an extra hand when it comes to certain tasks? Consider these mobile apps to help you get various jobs—from organizing to expense reporting—done.


Expense reports can be a hassle, but the Expensify app makes tallying numbers a bit easier. A SmartScan feature allows users to store, print and email receipts with the push of a button. Built for administrators and used by employees, the free app can also track mileage, process reports, administer company card transactions and more. Users will never have to worry about losing about misplacing a paper receipt again. Expensify is available in team, corporate and enterprise packages, starting at $5. use.


Virtual meetings: great in theory, troublesome in execution. Technical difficulties, faulty access codes, misplaced phone numbers and call details can all aid in the frustration of organizing a successful Web or teleconference. MobileDay eliminates some of the hassle. The app, which is compatible with most any phone service or online platform, makes it easy for users to dial into discussions and rejoin dropped calls with a single tap. It also sends alerts for upcoming conferences and allows users to email attendees with a pre-populated, customizable message in the event of a last-minute emergency. A basic plan is available for free, and a business option is set at $4.90 per month.


Having piles of contracts on your desk can be overwhelming, but CudaSign can greatly reduce that clutter. The app—which costs $1 per month—allows users to electronically sign legally binding documents, save time and help the environment in the process. Along with storing documents, the app sends forms to employees, partners and customers, and tracks the document’s progress.

Time Management

Feel like time keeps slipping away from you? Hours can help you get back to optimum efficiency. The app lets you track projects with just one tap, creating a timeline of your daily activities. Discover where you may be mismanaging minutes or tasks that have been requiring more time than others. A summary report can convert into a PDF or sent via email—a bonus for jobs that pay by the hour. Available for free for a limited time.

Discover more apps for business each month in the buzz section of Gulfshore Business.


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