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A resume only tells so much about a person, and that’s why the interview process is so important in selecting the right candidate to join your team. It’s also a chance to realize the type of people that won’t work for your company. And while the culture in every workplace is different, there are a few key personality types that can be bad for any business, according to Fortune. Here are three to steer clear of.

The showoff

Key traits: They waltz into the interview room with confidence. They’re well-dressed and look good on paper, but deeper conversation reveals they dodge detailed questions and have little to show for their careers.

Why they’re bad for business: If they can’t tell you about contributions they’ve made throughout their careers, their work performance is likely underwhelming.

The high-maintenance one

Key traits: This person also looks good on paper, but shows inflexibility and makes high demands when it comes to interview times, travel arrangements, and so on.

Why they’re bad for business: They’ll think less in terms of team and more in terms of “me.”

The job changer

Key traits: They have explored multiple career paths or have switched jobs at least every two years. When asked about their career history, they typically blame management.

Why they’re bad for business: Even if they promise to stay with your company, they have a history of being on the lookout for something better somewhere else.

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