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Tidings of Relaxation and Joy

Calm app

During the holidays, give someone a little stress relief. It’ll certainly be much better than a necktie. Here, we have five gifts for that particular friend or family member who’s always a little on edge for whatever reason.


For the co-worker on too many Zoom meetings

We were already staring at our computer screens too much … then came the endless virtual meetings. Give your buddy’s eyes a break with the RENPHO massager. Built-in heating pads and oscillating massagers will help rejuvenate for that next Zoom call.

$65.99 | renpho.com


For the restless sleeper

A good night’s sleep is essential for a stress-free life. The latest trend in helping soothe the body at night is a weighted blanket. The bead-filled blankets can aid in combating the tossing and turning that

plague many sleepers. The Helix blanket, for example, comes in 10, 15 or 20 pounds.

$99-115 | helixsleep.com


For the golfer who gets frustrated on the course

Golf is relaxing. Well, it’s supposed to be. But for the person you know who’s always one step away from tossing the bag into a lake, here’s a way to relax after a round. The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples offers the Golfers’ Relief massage, targeting the muscles that the sport tends to stress.

50 minutes, $155; 80 minutes, $205 | ritzcarlton.com


For the stressed-out driver

Just the drive to work can be stressful around here. So imagine how great it could feel if that drive included a massage. Check out the Snailax car seat cushion, which comes with vibrating massagers and a cooling system.

$63 | snailax.com


For your workplace

Give your office the gift of inner peace. The Calm app features meditation exercises, relaxing music, tutorials on how to increase focus and creativity and its famous Sleep Stories—soothing tales read by celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey. It also features special prices for offices.

$60/person | calm.com

Photo courtesy Calm app

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