Top Five Tips For Remarketing

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Remarketing can be a tremendous tool to help grow your business in 2016 and could increase the effectiveness of all of your marketing efforts, including TV, radio and print ads and public relations strategies.

“Remarketing is one of the most amazing things to come along in marketing/advertising in a long while,” says Zach Katkin, president of Atilus, a Bonita Springs-based online marketing and web development agency. “Even in the fastpaced, and ever-evolving world of digital, it’s revolutionized the way businesses gain new customers and clients.”

So, what is remarketing? It’s an online marketing tool that enables you to target potential clients who have visited a website or a web property you control, Katkin says. You tag website visitors and they see relevant ads about your business as they move throughout the web. You can then advertise back to folks.

Remarketing is why you see shoes from Nordstrom or a gorgeous vacation spot pop up online immediately after you’ve viewed them and visited another site. Businesses can leverage the time and money you spend getting people to your website by showing them ads when they’re “off site,” but still online.

Katkin shared how remarketing works and his top tips.

1. Improve Your Website

The power of remarketing is the ability to target visitors to your website (you will need a search-engineoptimized website). But remarketing can get even more specific as an advertising tool, Katkin says. For example, a real estate agent who specializes in a certain neighborhood, such as Port Royal in Naples, and has a Port Royal page or section of the site can develop a remarketing campaign for that neighborhood. You can present advertising to visitors who viewed info on Port Royal and now are elsewhere on the web.

2. Review Your Site Analytics

You can make decisions based on what visitors do on your website, such as how long they stay and the pages they hit.

For instance, Katkin says a user who spent an hour on your website looking at multi-million-dollar listings is probably a different potential customer than a buyer seeking a $250,000 home. Your website analytics can help you better understand your audience and coordinate a remarketing campaign.

If you have Google Analytics installed on your website, you can get ready for remarketing immediately and learn about your website visitors. Google Analytics allows you to create audiences and “tag.”

3. Get Specific

Make your ad match what the user was doing on your website, and make sure you deliver that person back to the product or service they were initially viewing.

A remarketing campaign that Atilus set up for a remodeling company tags anyone interested in granite kitchen counters (based on the pages they visit). Those folks then see an ad for granite kitchen counters, not just for the company or kitchen remodels, as they view other websites.

When they click on the ad, they are re-directed to a custom landing page about granite kitchen counters on the remodeling company’s website. The content on the page was created with the sales team’s insight about frequent questions and important information about granite countertops. The cost per lead has dropped from around $700 to about $20 in direct remarketing costs, Katkin says.

4. Create Appealing Ads

Remarketing ads are generally small, which makes designing them tricky. Follow your existing brand guidelines including colors and logo. Keep it simple by focusing on these key things: Remind them of you and what they were considering purchasing.

Then keep it specific. For example, if you do lawn maintenance and pest control and a person visited your pest control page, show them a pest control ad instead of a lawn maintenance ad. Create a call to action and include special deals or offers, which must be referenced on the landing page.

5. Adjust Your Efforts

Watch your website analytics and remarketing accounts in order to gain insight and create new audiences and campaigns to better target your visitors. Consider these questions: What pages are visitors going to? What pages are they leaving from? Are larger factors playing a role in traffic patterns (season, times of day, etc.)? What keywords are visitors coming from?

With so many tools and techniques already out there, and with it seemingly so ‘high tech,’ remarketing can seem daunting,” Katkin says. “But, it’s much simpler than it seems.


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