What I Learned: Felix Lluberes

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Felix Lluberes

Executive vice president, Advanced Applications/Latin American Sales for KORE. He founded Position Logic, which was named to the Inc. 500 list in 2012 and 2013, and then merged with RacoWireless and was acquired by Georgia-based KORE. The KORE Position Logic software provides location-based services (LBS) for businesses.

An ‘aha’ moment

Lluberes, an engineer, started working as a software developer and then realized he could be a computer consultant for multiple companies. He was a business of one, but saw the need for more consultants and to manage them for consistency. “I told myself, ‘I could have an e-consulting company,’” he says. “If I built a software and I sell it, that’s much easier. I went back to building a software and packaging it and selling the software [using a monthly recurring revenue model]. It was truly an evolution and always seeking what was best for the customer.”

What he would have done differently

“I wish I had started much sooner with some sort of coach or mentor. Quite often, not knowing what you don’t know is the worst thing that could happen.” He eventually turned to SCORE, whose volunteer counselors provided insight from their experiences as executives and business owners. They helped him establish contacts and provided strategic guidance about best practices, such as how to manage larger accounts. He won the Distinguished Entrepreneur Award from the Florida Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University in 2014.

Start-up tip

“Are you developing something that creates value? Sometimes we get too close to the idea or too passionate and maybe the value is not there. Create something that you believe truly has value.”

Growth tip

“You have to be able to change and adapt as you learn. I put a lot of time and effort in making sure we’re very effective when we talk to the customer. What is it that they’re perceiving? What is it that they want to hear and feel? And delivering that experience. You need to be able to take the time to make every interaction with the customer a meaningful one. Today, customers demand a much more warmer presence and much more caring, especially if you’re delivering a high-end service.”

Final advice

“As an entrepreneur, it’s often very, very important to remember what got you where you are. Make sure that’s not lost along the way. Whenever in doubt, go back to the beginning. What was it that drove you there?”


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