What Kind of Decision Maker are You?

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There are many ways to get to good decisions, and many ways to consider your options. Jennifer Manegold, Ph.D., assistant professor of management in the Lutgert School of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), helped us tease out the various types of decision makers. Take this quiz to get a sense of what’s important to you and how you process your business decisions. 

1. Your team’s mission is to release a new product by the end of next week. The people who report to you have been working lots of overtime and are starting to snipe at each other and make mistakes. But if you miss this deadline, you’ll miss
 a major trade show where you could spread the word about your new product. You would:

A. Delay the launch slightly so your employees can rest and do their best work. 

B. Do whatever it takes to launch the product and get into that trade show. Your staff will have to make it work. 

2. When you are looking to bring something new to market, you tend to:

A. Look among the products your company already makes and find a new use for one.

B. Come up with an entirely new item.

3. When you are making a decision, do you:

A. Spend a good deal of time and energy on research. 

B. Sleep on it and go with your gut instinct. 

The best outcome of this quiz is that you can get a better idea of how you think and what your tendencies are. Most people are not on one side of the spectrum or 
the other, says Manegold, but somewhere in the middle. Once you know your biases, you can better work to take in information from all sides before you make a decision, and get feedback from different types of thinkers after you execute one


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