What to Do When Project Directions Aren't Clear

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It’s happens to the best of us: The boss waltzes over to give you an assignment, and as you’re nodding your head you think “wait, this doesn’t make much sense to me.” Then, before you know it, he or she is gone and you’re left scratching your head in confusion.

If you don’t quite get instructions you’ve been given the first time around, there are ways to receive a better explanation without pestering your boss with needless questions. Here are more effective alternatives, from Business Insider.

Admit you don’t understand, and ask your boss if he or she can explain the assignment in a different way

This way, you’re not making him or her repeat the same directions. If you’re still not getting it, ask specific questions and offer potential solutions to test if you’re on the right track.

Ask if another team member has done the project before

Receiving advice from an experienced coworker can help relieve some stress on your end and make the helper feel valued for his or her guidance.

If you take either of these routes, be sure to do so early. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for help, and don’t make excuses for your lack of understanding. Above all else, be sure to thank the person who took the time to assist you.  

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