What We’re Loving

Travel gear and decorative fluorescent light diffusers.

Travel Gear

Packing light and 
tight is an art
form. The lightweight
 packing squares from Travelon help ease process of getting a lot into the small space of a carry-on bag. A set of three squares provides a compact storage nest. Each square has an internal mesh wall pocket.
 The squares fit snuggly into the Travelon anti-theft travel backpack, but they’re ideal for any choice of luggage. Breathability and visibility
 for airport security check add to the sacks’ versatility and convenience. Colored zippers differentiate sizes. $21. travelonbags.com.

—James Raia

Cool Tools

Skypanels are decorative fluorescent light diffusers that will transform the way your office or any indoor setting looks and feels. By installing these light panel covers—designs include hot air balloons in clear skies, flocks of birds in flight, scattered clouds—you will cut back glare, help stimulate natural light, spread light evenly on the surface and save on costs. usaskypanels.com.