What’s In Your Bag?

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AS CHIEF OF Collier County Emergency Medical Services, Tabatha Butcher is constantly moving from one meeting to another and checking in with different authorities. Here’s what she keeps with her.

1. The bag: Merona Tote Bag ($35 and up, target.com): With a bag big enough to fit her laptop and various paperwork, Butcher can do her job from anywhere.

2. HP Laptop ($180 and up, store.hp.com): “I need to make sure that I’m able to access my email and our county network at all times so I can handle last-minute items that come up.”

3. Leather-bound notebook ($22 and up, target.com): Butcher keeps meeting notes and daily tasks in one simple notebook. “It just helps me stay organized and keeps all the things I need to take care of in one spot.”

4. USB flash drive ($6 and up, officedepot.com): This makes it easy for others to share documents with Butcher on the spot.

5. Lip gloss: “When I’m constantly running around and busy, just being able to put on lip gloss and and have that fresh look just helps me.” Butcher likes Revlon and Victoria’s Secret brands.

 6. Various files: “I like to have things I’m working on handy in a manila folder in case I need to refer to them right away.”


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