What's in Your Bag?

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As executive director of Gulfshore Ballet, Lisa Tafel balances her time behind a desk and at the studio teaching. The contents of her bag keep her prepared.

The bag: “A handbag to me is a fun fashion accessory so I select different ones with my daily routine in mind. I tend to choose a street-smart handbag that fits everything I need.”

Assorted snacks: “I always have a bag of Bob’s Red Mill glu- ten-free oatmeal ($2.49, bobsredmill.com), protein powder, apples, bananas and mixed nuts. These are foods that will not weigh me down before I teach and can help keep my energy going.”

ChapStick Classic and Mary Kay Rouge lipstick ($1.49, shopchapstick.com; $15, marykay.com): “When I’m teaching and talking a lot during class, having ChapStick on-hand to keep my lips moist is very helpful. And I just love lipstick. Throw on a little bit of red lip- stick and you don’t need any other makeup for the day.”

MacBook Air ($999, apple.com): “I cannot travel or go into work without my MacBook Air. All of my teaching music is between my iPhone and MacBook Air, so if I’m going from the office to the studio I’ve got everything I need right there on my computer. It’s almost like a little security blanket.”

Ballet shoes and dance clothes (facebook.com/ TheDancingShoeInc): “Dance teachers have an array of shoes—your standard soft-pink ballet slippers, dance sneakers, and, if you’re teaching a pointe class, pointe shoes.” 


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