How to Help Your Workers to Think Like Leaders

Help your employees adopt a CEO mindset with these three suggestions.

Engaged employees help drive growth, according to a recent Gallup poll, but your workforce may need the occasional push to feel empowered. Forbes suggests a few ways to do that so they—and your company—can get to a better place.

Teach employees to act like they’re running their own business

After you’ve given your workers the right tools to fulfill their duties, encourage them to think about their responsibilities from the standpoint of a CEO. Allow them to question how a creative idea might benefit the company in terms of profit, delivery and more.

Implement salary-plus-commission pay

Allowing employees to make more based on the company’s revenue growth may increase initiative and help take the business to new heights.

Make stock options available

Employees may take more interest in the company’s financial success with stock options. Even if you’re not a publicly traded company, you can still determine the firm’s value and make a certain percentage of it available for employee stockholders, Forbes says. As years pass, the stock options will grow alongside the value of the company.   

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