Solid Interview But No Job Offer? Here’s Why

Five reasons why you may not have gotten the offer you’d hoped for












There are few better feelings than leaving a job interview confident you're a fit for the position. You aced all the nerve-wracking interview questions, so the job seems almost guaranteed. But right when you’re pulling out the champagne glasses to celebrate, the company tells you it is continuing its search.

You may wonder what you did wrong, but the truth is there could be a number of underlying factors—the company could have had an internal candidate all along.

There are, however, other factors that could have led to your undoing, according to Mediabistro, a media jobs listing site. Below are five actions that Mediabistro reveals may have cost you the job, and what to do to avoid them next time.

1. Your Online Presence Was Unsuitable

Constantly voicing strong viewpoints and engaging in argumentative online conversations can make you seem less credible, as can posting too many party pictures.

The solution: Clear your social channels of pictures that may be considered inappropriate and be careful of your online conversations concerning political and social views.

2. Your Answers Were Too Rehearsed

Over-rehearsed responses make it difficult for interviewers to get a true sense of your personality.

The solution: Do not “just wing” the interview, but do not over-prepare. Speak from the heart when describing your values and draw from past experiences when appropriate.

3. You Seemed Arrogant

Confidence is key, but exuding too much of it can lead the interviewer to believe you’re arrogant.

The solution: Be humble and self-aware and show active listening skills.

4. You Did Not Sound Professional

Nervous speaking habits—such as ‘um,’ and ‘like,’—can easily peak through in interviews. But at the end of the day, how you speak to the interviewer is how they often imagine you would speak to a client.

The solution: Take your time speaking and practice pausing in the moments you would typically use a filler word.

5. Your Personality Did Not Click

All of your answers may be solid, but is your personality compatible with the hiring manager’s? If you don’t quite click with an interviewer, it could be a reason why you are not selected for the position in question.

The solution: Do not change your personality in order to get a job. It’s better to be yourself straight away and realize the company’s culture is not a fit sooner than later.

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