Three Skills Needed for a More Successful Career

According to a C-level insurance executive

There are three major qualities a professional should have to achieve long-term success, says Keith Daly, chief claims officer at Farmers Insurance.

In an opinion piece for Fortune, Daly says beyond technical knowledge, the following characteristics can help a person excel in his or her career:


It’s better to be who you are instead of trying to emulate your colleagues and superiors, Daly says. Self-awareness helps a person determine one’s own strengths and weaknesses, he adds.

Inquisitiveness and Curiosity

Asking questions is essential, Daly says, for it shows one’s dedication to projects and ideas. But curiosity is nothing without action once knowledge is received. Daly says it is just as important to follow up on learned concepts with proper course of action.

Openness to Diversity

Different points of view can lead to a more well-rounded brand. Daly says. Being open to another person’s ideas and propositions can help the professional come to smarter conclusions.

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