Alisha Feezor has a knack for taking challenges head-on—it’s proved true throughout her diverse career.

Before joining Pelican Isle Yacht Club, Feezor served as a Kiowa Warrior Helicopter Pilot in the 25th Infantry Division, Hawaii. She flew daily combat missions during her two combat deployments to Iraq, leaving with more than 2,000 hours of flight time.

Feezor also led her unit in a variety of ways during her service. That experience came when she became general manager of Pelican Isle Yacht Club, which has nearly 400 members and 200 boat slips.

Hurricane Irma hit amid the club’s multimillion-dollar-renovation, and Feezor guided her team through the days leading up to the storm, in its immediate aftermath, and the club’s subsequent delayed reopening.

“Effective communication was the key to our success,” Feezor says.

Adaptability has been an essential lesson in Feezor’s career, and she encourages others to remain open to the curveballs that may come their way.

“Don’t hesitate to examine opportunities or look at open doors. A winding or alternate path can sometimes lead to the ideal destination or through a series of exciting experiences,” Feezor says.

Feezor holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Wake Forest University, as well as a level two award from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. She tends to her pollinator and bird-friendly garden in her spare time.