Brad Cozza found success during the real estate boom, but his career could have ended shortly after taking off during the market downturn some 10 years ago, had it not been for his adaptability.

“During the mortgage crisis, Southwest Florida became the No. 1 foreclosure market in the country,” Cozza says. “I was fortunate to adapt quickly to reorganizing my business model and corporation to take advantage of incredible foreclosure deals.”

Cozza acquired more than 400 properties and successfully sold them since the start of the foreclosure crisis. Now, he’s focused on the food and beverage industry and is a major investor in Society American Modern Kitchen and Cocktails.

The entrepreneur’s best advice for up-and-comers? “Don’t be afraid of calculated risk. Obtaining my degree in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship, I have trained myself to identify niches and market voids, conduct the appropriate due diligence, and pull the trigger.”

When he’s not working, Cozza enjoys spending time on the beaches of Captiva with his girlfriend and miniature Australian shepherd, as well as playing golf.