After graduating from FGCU, Jaimie Miller, APR, has worked in the com­munications field her entire career. Now serving as the vice president of marketing at CONRIC pr + marketing, Miller says public relations and marketing isn’t just her job, but her passion.

“I have worked with multiple industries, including hospitality, medical and publishing,” she says. “Today, I work with a variety of clients in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors to develop cre­ative marketing and public relations strategies and campaigns.”

Miller currently serves in leader­ship roles for the Florida Public Re­lations Association and the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business Committee. She also volunteers as a United Way Reading Pal, and as a guest lecturer on marketing best practices for the Goodwill Microenterprise classes to help individuals launch their new businesses.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Knowledge is a gift you can give that can never be taken away.