Jessica Ridgeo


When Jessica Ridgeo was faced with taking a down-trending business category and turning it around, she did not back down. By creating strong teams, setting high expectations and constantly pushing for innovation, Ridgeo was able to create two years of consecutive growth.

“I’m very solution-oriented and collaborative. You’re not going to make great progress and have success by working in a silo. I believe it’s best to utilize business partners with various areas of expertise so you can develop the best solution, together,” Ridgeo says.

Ridgeo is married to Jeremy, who is a high school teacher and volleyball coach. She is a mom to her 3-year-old daughter, Sloane, and 3-month-old daughter, Quinn. She enjoys spending time with her family and taking advantage of the beautiful Florida lifestyle: staying active outdoors, spending time at the local beaches and parks, and paddle boarding.