Leroy Christiansen


Leroy Christiansen’s most significant professional challenge so far has been a common one among budding businesspeople:

“My biggest challenge I overcame revolved around being ‘young’ in the industry, as my position often put me up against individuals with 25-plus years experience,” he says. “At a very young age, my father, Kelly, instilled the drive and discipline I have today. Rather than accept that I would have to wait my turn until the years’ experience caught up, I cut the line, so to speak, through the pursuit of industry knowledge, focusing specifically on critical business niches.”

As a result: “This exponentially decreased the experience gap, and expedited my personal and professional growth,” Christiansen says.

Christiansen is now a three-time Insurance Business America Top 80 Insurance Broker. The military veteran is also a four-time Army Commendation Medal Recipient who was ranked as captain when he was honorably discharged in 2013 (among other related accomplishments).

“When beginning your profession, you will not have the years of experience behind you that a peer, or even a competitor, may have, which can give the impression of a gap, whether that is perceived or actual,” Christiansen says. “Having the self-discipline to learn your profession with the end goal of becoming a subject-matter expert will quickly eliminate that perceived gap between experience and expertise.”

Today, Christiansen separates himself from peers by actively seeking mentorship for everyone from newly hired individuals within his organization to veterans suffering from PTSD. He likes to find objective ways to improve community efficiency through more open lines of communication and facilitating a “free-flow” of information and ideas.

“As a trusted advisor, my goal is not just one successful business transaction, but rather a trusted partnership in what will be a long-term, business-to-business relationship. It is through embracing our personal character that allows that relationship to grow,” Christiansen says.

Christiansen’s hobbies involve traveling with his wife, Sarah, 5-year-old son Beau, and 3-year-old daughter Adrianna. The couple welcomed their third child in June. He also likes running, cooking, and collecting vinyl for his “audiophile” stereo hobby.