Melissa Vogt


Director of sales, marketing and public relations, Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre

Melissa Vogt says she’s dedicated to making a positive impact on everyone she comes in contact with. “Working in the arts and entertainment field makes maintaining that positivity pretty easy, as the theatre’s goal is [to] provide entertainment that makes you smile, laugh and forget about your worries for a few hours,” Vogt says. And she’s definitely experienced a few worries of her own.

Vogt had her son when she was just a teen, and raising him alone as a single parent while balancing a demanding job and being active in the community has been challenging at times, she says, but she’s since managed to find a good rhythm. She’s even become a “group buddy” at Valerie’s House twice a month, supporting the group’s children and keeping them engaged in their activities.

Vogt is also planning for her role as incoming chair of Leadership NEXT, where she’s a founding committee member. In her spare time, Vogt enjoys staying active and spending time with her son, Austin.