Partner, family wealth advisor at Family Wealth Planning Group | Raymond James

Family wealth is a complex matter, which is why after a few years of advising affluent families at a nationally acclaimed financial planning firm in Minneapolis, Keric and her business partner, Tom, decided to establish the Family Wealth Planning Group of Raymond James in Naples.

Today Keric helps clients solve financial issues while allowing them to maximize wealth, enhance their lifestyle, and empower their loved ones. She’s written several articles on financial literacy and planning and continues to find ways to make the message readily accessible to everyone, from teaching children involved in Junior Achievement how to start planning young, to holding a course at Avow for recent widows who need to learn how to manage finances.

Outside of the office, Keric has been involved in organizations such as the Shelter for Abused Women & Children, Unity of Naples congregation, Champions for Learning and more. She and her husband recently adopted her niece, Hope, after Hope’s biological parents lost custodial rights. “She has brought more joy to our lives and the lives of our two children than we could have ever imagine. We are blessed,” Keric says.