Sheba R. Abraham will always remember her very first jury trial.

“I represented a man whose son died in a tragic motor vehicle crash caused by the negligence of another. The insurance company, on the other side, seemed to have unlimited resources. I was terrified,” she says.

The University of Florida graduate leaned on her years of preparation to get her through, and her firm ended up winning the case. “I’ll never forget the rewarding feeling of getting justice for such a deserving person.”

The daughter of immigrant parents, Abraham has always aimed to give back. She received a Pro Bono Certificate from the University of Florida Levin College of Law for her volunteer service to low-income communities. In college, she volunteered with Junior Achievement and religious organizations.

Abraham has won multiple other awards in her six years of practice and received many rewarding wins along the way. With her partners, the personal injury attorney has negotiated multi-million-dollar settlements and trial verdicts for victims of sexual assault, violent attacks, and motor vehicle accidents.

But she hasn’t let these accomplishments go to her head.

“As you gain knowledge or experience success, your confidence will grow as well,” Abraham says, with a little piece of advice to other young lawyers. “Never let that confidence turn into arrogance.  Remember to work hard, stay humble, and treat everyone you meet with respect.”

Abraham loves spending her free time with her husband, Benny, and their dog Milo. She enjoys traveling and visiting the beautiful beaches of Southwest Florida.