5 Ways to Get the Most from a Conference

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A midweek conference may be a refreshing break from your normal office routine, but the amount of information you come away with is what really makes the event worthwhile. It can be a great opportunity to network and learn more about your field or how to better position yourself for success.

Here are five ways, according to Mediabistro, to get the most out of your next conference.

1. Tell your boss about the event

Don’t wait for your supervisor to find an event for you to attend. Seek one out that seems interesting and beneficial to the company, then pitch it to him or her. Try seeking out a foreign topic, and be sure to let them know how valuable learning about it can be to your skillset and responsibilities.  

2. Research the subjects

Don’t be eager to leave once a conference is coming to a close. Before attending one, spend time researching what items will be discussed and prepare to dive in with questions.

3. Think quality over quantity

There may be hundreds of networking opportunities at one conference alone, but try taking your time with the people you meet, focusing on more substantial conversations. Doing so can lead to more meaningful and memorable relationships that may be useful later on.

4. Let yourself stand out

Making a lasting impression means moving beyond small talk. Use idle time to engage in conversation, ask questions and, if you have feedback, give it.

5. Follow up

Once the conference has ended, stay connected via social media to the conference hosts and other attendees you met. If you missed a session or want more information, contact the speaker or event coordinator for details.

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