How to Improve Company Culture

Company culture has become increasingly important among the modern workforce. Here is how to improve yours.

In order to attract and retain the modern workforce—now made up by nearly 54 million millennials—businesses need to focus on having a strong company culture, says Entrepreneur

Millennials have a different set of priorities than previous generations, the business publication states. Since the 18-to-34-year-olds grew up in a time of “financial prosperity and rapid technological advancements,” they are much more interested working for an engaging company with a great community and culture to boot.

Here are some ways to develop company culture, according to Entrepreneur.  

Increase Flexibility

This can be done by allowing employees to work part-time from home, have changeable hours, or different spaces within the office to work.

Allow for Advancement

Employees today don’t want to stay stagnant in one position, Entrepreneur says. And they’re not just interested in raises, either. What’s more important to them is the opportunity to develop their abilities within a company. Employers can let workers lead mentorship programs or pursue “passion projects.”

Improve Reputation

Employers can draw in new workers and retain old ones by being a positive force in the community. Companies can involve themselves in corporate giving, volunteerism, sustainability and more.

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