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What's In Your Bag?

ALTHOUGH DIGITAL advancements have invaded nearly every workplace, Ann Osterling, design manager at Workscapes, a nonresidential interior design center in Fort Myers, says she still works best with a pen and paper in hand. “Because design is such a hands on, visual profession, you still need to be able to communicate that way,” she says. That’s why she never leaves the office without the following items in tow.

1. Architectural scale (around $16, Walmart.com): “The one thing I take to virtually every meeting is an architectural scale, which is a measuring device for different scales of drawings. I’ve had the same one since college.”

2. Uni-ball flair-tip pens ($9, staples.com): Black and red uni-ball pens allow Osterling to write quick notes on a variety of surfaces. “I use them in pretty much every meeting where we are presenting a floor plan or furniture layout to a client. I record feedback on the plan so it’s very evident what we’re supposed to do.”

3. Sketch paper (around $10, amazon.com): Osterling uses thin, transparent sketch paper to lay design concepts on top of floor plans so clients can get a feel for interior changes. “It’s a quick little 3D sketch of what you’re trying to communicate. It’s a very handy thing.”

4. 25-foot tape measure ($10, homedepot.com): “I always have a 25-foot tape measure on hand to check sizes and heights.”

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