A New Approach to Golf

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Arguably the smartest caddie a golfer can rely on doesn’t second-guess club selection, or even carry clubs. Garmin believes the Approach S62, a lightweight GPS smartwatch, does a better job. It has maps for 41,000 courses worldwide, can analyze terrain and wind speed and helps determine the best club to use.

A feature called “Autoshot” can measure and record every shot a golfer takes. The “PinPointer” provides assistance when a golfer faces a blind shot. There are also “Hazard View,” “PlaysLike Distance” and “Green View” features that help with the multitude of pending difficulties golf can present.

And for those interested in the fitness attributes of golf, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring are included in the ceramic watch. Green fees can even be paid with Garmin Pay. Email and texts can also be retrieved, although it must be against some unwritten rules of golf course etiquette. 


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