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courtesy of Aervana 24

There may be a little oenophile in all of us. So while traveling, why not make the best of the wine you drink? That’s the job of the Aervana Travel Portable Electric Wine Aerator.

The compact, easy-to-master gadget is a one-touch wine aerator. It’s ideal for any travel scenario when a glass of wine seems appropriate—from a rest stop during a hike to a weekend excursion to visit relatives.

To infuse the chosen varietal with air, attach the stainless steel tube that accompanies the Aervana Travel to the body of the aerator, place the apparatus over an open wine bottle and press the button on top. It produces the same effect as if the wine had been uncorked to “breathe” naturally for an hour before it was poured.

Aervana touts its aerator as providing six times more aeration than traditional pour-through versions. It prepares more than 150 bottles of wine on one set of six AAA batteries, which are included, as is a carrying case. The compact contraption measures 12 x 12 x 9 inches and weighs 1.41 pounds.

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