Better Business Apps

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Running a successful business requires many moving parts and sometimes an extra hand is needed to keep things running smoothly. Consider these three apps for help with various tasks including customer service, marketing and inventory maintenance.



These days, one negative online review from an unhappy customer can quickly do damage to a business’s reputation. Freshdesk 
is a customer-service app that allows users 
to organize and handle consumer issues. Tickets with customer matters are sent to a shared inbox, so the entire support team can keep
track of tasks. Businesses can categorize tickets from urgent to low priority and implement unique solutions or those suggested by Freshdesk. Other features
 are included. $15-$79 per month.



A small business’s inventory tends to grow with its success, so it’s essential for owners to stay organized. Boxmeup helps companies keep track of stowed items. Users of the free Android app can create virtual boxes that parallel real ones and record and update their contained items. They can then print Quick Ready (QR) labels, stick them 
to the physical box and scan them with their smart device to remember what’s inside. No 
box cutters necessary. Non-Android users
 can access the program through boxmeupapp. com.



You can only make one first impression, and Directr helps companies make 
it a lasting one. The 
free app, now backed
 by Google, lets business owners create promotional videos with their phones. Storyboards 
are available for varied themes—small business introductions, product promos, professional service introductions and profile interviews—that walk users through the process of creating a resonating piece. Directr then connects the clips, adds music and packages it into a video that can be shared on company websites, social media pages and beyond.


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