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A new boutique travel agency serving only a few clients at a time opened in the heart of Naples. Locally owned Journeys 360 Travel at 365 Fifth Ave. S. offers luxury travel experiences on cruises, safaris and vacation packages and at hotels and resorts.

Preeti Dewan

The agency owned by Preeti Dewan was inspired by her friends and neighbors over the years reaching out to her for recommendations for where they should travel or which cruise or tour operator they should use. As the travel industry begins to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, Dewan thought it was a perfect time to put to work her team’s more than 60 years of executive leadership experience working roles such as product design, operations and contracting for some of the nation’s top tour and cruise operators that work in 70 countries.

Services offered by the firm are assistance in booking high-end vacations with luxury tour and cruise operators, fully customized and curated vacations that provide insider experiences based on their clients’ tastes and exclusive departures provided by the firm at least four times per year to select destinations. Dewan said the agency works with only a few clients at a time to give them its undivided attention to create “unique vacations they cannot buy off the shelf.”

For additional information, call 239-302-0911 or visit

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